“I exceeded my goal!”

H2O is the perfect program for me! I started H2O after trying to lose weight with other plans with limited success. My goal was to lose 10-15 pounds, but with H2O I exceeded my goal by losing 16 lbs. I didn’t exercise due to a foot injury. My beginning weight was 142 on 9/2/13 and on 11/6/13 I weighed 126. That is 16 pounds in just two months!! H2O provides everything I needed to succeed with a weekly grocery list, meal planning, healthy choices when dining out, and support. H2O is an incredible tool in developing a healthy lifestyle.
Debbie Z. Age 59

“You have empowered me to be able to make better choices!”

With H2O I lost 25 pounds in just 6 weeks!! Having your tasty, but healthy and well-balanced meals easily at hand really helped me. I think the thing that’s surprised me the most about being on your program was that I never felt like I was on a “diet”, I was never hungry and didn’t feel like I as denying myself at all. The change in how my body felt was quite a revelation; I went very quickly from feeling quite sluggish and tired to really feeling energized and feeling that my body was liking what was being put in it. The best thing about your program was the way it educated me. You have empowered me to be able to make better choices about what I take into my body. I have learned balance and how to make sure I get the right ration of protein, good fat, appropriate dairy and a good helpings of fruits and vegetables. I was consistently surprised by how tasty the meals were, and you were so great at listening to my needs and building the plan round me. I really believe that this personalization was what made it work where so many other “diets” had failed. This isn’t simply a diet, you facilitated a change in lifestyle which made all the difference. I even continued using H2O through my pregnancy. I can’t believe that it is a coincidence that we had struggled for 3 years to conceive but when I was finally successful in being kinder to my body (and I had tried many times over the years) it happened. I am sure that H2O contributed to it and it certainly made being pregnant easier; I didn’t have any back pain or physical complaints that pregnant women often have. . I really can’t speak highly enough of what you did to help me!
Lucy F. Age 33

“It’s the single best thing you could do for your health.”

The day before my daughter was born I weighed 210lbs, and my brother broke the joyous news to us that he and his fiancée were getting married in less than 6 months. Two months later as I’m sobbing into my ‘comfort’ ice cream, weighing 185lbs, a friend suggests I contact LaLona. My message read something like, “Hi. I’m currently larger than most land mammals and am due to return to my home in 4 months to speak at my brother’s wedding, and see EVERYONE from my childhood. I haven’t been home in years and am just a smidge embarrassed at how I’ve been treating my body in recent years. Will you take me on, on the basis than my dieting success rate is low and I’m probably a classifiable sugar addict?”. LaLona was so gentle and fun with me. She could tell I was embarrassed and at my wits end, and recognized I was ready to make changes. We talked on the phone several times for her to understand my eating habits, lifestyle, family situation and of course my taste preferences, which gave me a chance to get to know her, too. I’m pleased I did, because I came to realize that she cared about me. She genuinely cared about my success and happiness. She told me more than once that her goal was to make herself redundant, and that once she gave me the instruction and tools I needed I would know on paper and in practice how to govern myself forever more! Here’s the breakdown of my H2O plan:


LaLona: The world would be a better place if there were more LaLona’s in it! I love this lady! She’s so real and so normal! With 4 kids in tow she KNOWS how hard it is to prepare a quick dinner that everyone will enjoy, and KNOWS how weight piles on during pregnancy, and KNOWS how tempting it is to shove chewy sugar in your mouth when life is stressful. We talked so much in the beginning about me and my individualized plan that I felt 100% comfortable and revved up to begin. She really made me feel like this was no big thing and that I could absolutely do it! She followed up constantly to make menu adjustments depending on my preferences which made the finalized menus perfect! When she says, “Contact me any time” she means it! …At least, I took her at her word, for sure! I couldn’t begin to count the number of texts, emails and phone calls I’ve made to this poor woman! “LaLona, I suddenly got taken out to Paradise Bakery, what can I eat here?”, “LaLona, life went crazy and I only have these few ingredients in the house. What can I make?”, “LaLona, I’m feeling emotional and want a Love It sized Coldstone. Talk me down from the ledge!?”. She only takes a limited number of clients per month so that she’s available to give everyone this kind of attention. There is no-one else I would want in charge of my mental health while taking care of my physical health.


The menu: We talked at length about what foods I liked and what I’d be willing to try, and LaLona took time to explain to me why she was arranging the menu how she was (timing, absorption rate, metabolism, ‘good fats’, etc) and then gave me a chance to try it out while still arranging it to be most successful for me personally. I tried foods I’d never heard of, and couldn’t believe how much a liked them and how EASY they were to prepare! SHE GETS IT! I’ve had over 30 friends across the globe work with LaLona now, and in taking to them about their menus I’d found that they are so different to mine! They’re truly personalized.


The cost: When I told a friend from church I was working with Lalona, she was devastated! Her daughter had just signed up with a big faceless weightloss clinic for $2,500, whereas LaLona at only $300 for the month could provide such a more personal service! What I love about LaLona is that what you see is what you pay. $300 for a month of menus, expertise, and a personal cheerleader. If you want another month, great! If you’re content to keep reusing your first month then great! LaLona is not pushy in the slightest, and really encourages you to be able to go it alone. If you like your menus, but want the expertise and cheerleading for a little longer then for $50/month she’ll do that too! I love how straightforward the plan is, and how easy going LaLona is. I always felt like a valued individual, and not part of a business transaction.


The ease: Quite frankly, if I didn’t lose a single pound on this plan, but for $300 had someone to write me a menu for an entire month AND provide me with recipes AND a grocery list, it would be 100% worth the money! As it turns out, I also lost a butt-load of weight! The recipes are as easy as you request them to be (some of them are so easy it’s ridiculous!) and are as fancy as you request them to be (I had a hankering for some Middle-Eastern lamb dishes once, and LaLona totally delivered!), meaning that your plan can fit into your designated budget easily. I’ve also had friends that don’t like cooking or are so busy they eat out most of the week, so LaLona helps them pick restaurants and meals that will fit into the plan. Genius!


The success: My goal was to lose 40lbs in less than 4 months ready for my brother’s wedding. I went from 185lbs to 142lbs the day before the ceremony. FOUR MONTHS! Not only did I look great, but I had more energy, I had more patience, I had no more problems with my digestive system, my skin was clearer, my mind was clearer…the list went on and on! I was a happy and changed person. Oh, and getting lots of compliments in my dress might have felt a little bit good too :)


Do I recommend Lalona’s H20 plan? It’s the single best thing you could do for your health.

Yes! Do it!

Carla M. Age 30

“I am finally losing my baby weight!”

I don’t normally share things like this, but I have to give credit to LaLona Hughes Richards and her H2O program. After just three weeks of getting to eat yummy food and having my grocery list made for me and menus planned around what I like (and some cheating) I have lost 15 pounds and am finally losing my baby weight from William. If I had know how easy AND affordable this would be I would have done it months ago when my friend Carla started making me jealous with her weight loss. Oh and this is with little to no working out!

Melissa O. (from Facebook)

“LaLona Richards is my secret weapon.”

Saw the doctor today. Follow up appt for lab work mostly. I’m down 29 lbs, cholesterol numbers are way better, doc said my bp was “beautiful” and that I should be very proud. She also asked how I did it. LaLona Richards is my secret weapon. Thanks LaLona!!

Amy S. (from Facebook)

“70 pounds is how much more confident I feel.”

70 pounds. How much does 70 pounds weigh? 70 pounds is the difference between hating running and looking forward to running. 70 pounds is the difference between struggling to find the energy to do anything and feeling good all day long. 70 pounds is how much more confident I feel.

As of today, I’m down 70 pounds!!

Sarai C. (from Facebook)

“Delicious food, planned meals AND weight loss!”

Thank you LaLona Hughes Richards for a wonderful nutrition plan that has been amazing!!

Delicious food, planned meals AND weight loss…very very happy!!

Kerry H. (from Facebook)

“It was exactly what I needed.”

I have been treating my diabetes with diet and exercise for over 20 years. Most of the time I was doing okay, but I went through a period of great stress when my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and then passed away about one year later. My blood sugar numbers soared and my A1C test was above 7 which is the point doctors usually recommend medication. My doctor gave me two months to try to get it under control. That is when I contacted LaLona. Going on her nutritional plan made the difference and it was exactly what I needed. My blood sugar returned to more normal numbers and I was spared having to start taking any medication for the diabetes. As long as I eat according to her plan, I know my blood sugar count will be lower while eating food on this healthy, delicious and nutritious plan.

Juneve, age 69