Nutrition Plans


First, you will fill out a list of questions where I try to get a good idea of your food tastes (your likes, dislikes, preferences, allergies, etc.) as well as your lifestyle (your daily schedule, profession, exercise, etc.). Then I either email you with follow-up questions (if needed) or schedule a 15 minute phone call with you.

Next, I design a personalized weekly plan for you. It gives you everything you eat from when you wake up until when you go to bed, and I ask that you do not substitute or make additions without first texting, calling, or emailing me. I write your weekly grocery shopping list (It is categorized by area of the store for easy shopping!) and attach all recipes for the week. Therefore, there is no thinking needed! :-) I am available 7AM-10PM EST for questions and you can contact me as much as needed. I will be your coach/cheerleader all along the way, as much or as little as desired.

Although you purchase a month (four weeks of menus) at a time, I design the program one week at a time. This allows me to make constant adjustments to reflect your weight loss goals and food preferences.

At the end of the month, you can purchase another month, purchase single weeks, keep me on board only as a consultant (meaning I answer questions but do not design menus), or go completely independent.

ALL of my clients have had incredible success! It works because it is personalized for your food preferences and lifestyle, and you have a coach all along the way guiding you, cheering for you, and even writing your grocery list. By the time it’s over, you can eat this way with your eyes closed, and therefore you are able to sustain this independently for the rest of your life! You WILL reach your goal! I look forward to working with you!


Single Week
Returning Customers
$80 / week
1 personalized meal plan
1 shopping list for the week
Full access for Q&A and consultation
Full Month
New Customers
$300 / month
4 personalized meal plans!
4 shopping lists for the month!
Full access for Q&A and consultation!
Returning Customers
$50 / month
Answers to all your health and nutrition questions

3 Months of Membership: Receive $50 off your third month of H2O!

• • • • • • •

4+ Months of Membership: Receive a discount of $50 off OR your total weight loss x 2 moving forward!
(i.e. if you lost 30 pounds in three months, you would get a $60 discount).