Nutrition & Exercise Plans


Option 1: Personalized Nutrition Plan and Full-Time Coaching (4 weeks, $300)

This plan is designed for the person who is ready for fast, effective, healthy weight loss. Most customers who choose this plan have 20+ pounds to lose, but it can also be used to get rid of those last stubborn 10 pounds that just won’t go away! I find out your food preferences, allergies, family make-up, lifestyle, etc. and then design a weekly nutrition plan that is completely personalized for you. It includes everything you eat and drink from when you wake up until when you go to bed, and I am available from 7 AM-10 PM Monday-Saturday to answer questions, motivate you, and provide any support you need. Over the course of the program I teach you how to make the right choices on your own so that this becomes your way of life and not a diet plan. Eventually you move from being a Nutrition Plan client to Consulting Only (see below), and then you fly on your own. The average person stays on the Nutrition Plan for 3 months, but some only do 1 and others do many more. It is completely up to you and your needs.

Option 2: Consulting Only (4 weeks, $50)

This is only for clients who have already completed the H2O Nutrition Plan. Under this option, you make your own menus, but you are free to send them to me to view and provide feedback. I am available to answer questions, give restaurant advice, look over your personal recipes, etc. The only difference, although it is a big one, is that I no longer design your meal plans. You still receive full-time coaching.

Option 3: 3 Meals and a Workout (4 weeks, $40)

Under this plan you will receive 3 new recipes and 1 new workout plan via email each Saturday. The average person prepares 3 meals per week; therefore, you could prepare these three meals and not have to do any thinking/planning for dinner ever again! Keep in mind these meals are not tailored to your personal food preferences, so this works best for the non-picky eater. The workout is designed for you to complete M-W-F and then do your choice of cardio on T-Th-Sat. It is an intense SES FIT (Strength, Endurance, Sprint, Functional Integrated Training) workout, but each exercise can be modified to your fitness level. The workout is uniquely different each week so your body never gets used to it! This option is designed for individuals that know how to eat healthy and are on the right track for weight loss and fitness, but would like to have a personal trainer in their inbox each Saturday morning pushing them to a higher level.

Option 4: Personal Training (per person/hourly)

If you live in the Atlanta area, you may sign up for fitness training sessions with LaLona. She will complete a full-body evaluation, listen to your fitness goals, and work diligently to ensure you meet them. There are three choices: one-on-one private sessions, 2:1 (Two people train with LaLona at the same time; their fitness levels do not have to be the same.), or 3:1 (Three people train at the same time).


Personalized Nutrition Plan and Full-Time Coaching
$300 / month
Personalized weekly nutrition plan
Q&A, motivation, and support
Diet education
3 Meals And A Workout
(available after completing Option 1)
$40 / month
3 new recipes each week
1 unique workout plan each week
$50 / month
Answers to all your health and nutrition questions
Restaurant advice
Nutritional feedback
1 Hour Personal Training Session
1-3 Attendees
1:1 $65 per person
2:1 $40 per person
3:1 $30 per person

3 Months of Membership: Receive $50 off your third month of H2O!

• • • • • • •

3 Months of Membership: Receive a discount of $50 off OR your total weight loss x 2 moving forward!
(i.e. if you lost 30 pounds in three months, you would get a $60 discount).